What's the best way to clean the copper surface of my Ruffoni® cookware?

To clean the copper surface of Ruffoni® cookware, we recommend the following:

Rub briskly with a soft cotton cloth used for copper polishing in order to bring back the original shine for your copper items on display.

With time and regular usage copper oxidizes and develops a dark red patina.  In order to restore the copper brilliance, clean the exterior with a cloth dampened in a salt and vinegar or salt and lemon solution; or use a good copper cleaner.  If the seasoned look of the patina is preferred, buff the exterior with a dry cotton cloth only.

Following these guidelines will guarantee the perfect maintenance of your splendid Ruffoni® copperware that will increase it's value over time.

For complete cleaning and use and care of your Ruffoni product, always refer to the use and care guidelines included with your product.